Meatless Monday?


     I have recently been seeing a number of refrences to “Meatless Monday” across the web and it led me to ask the question: “What is  Meatless Monday and why should I consider observing it?” 

     I visited the Meatless Monday  website  and found that  this is a non-profit initiative that encourages us to start each week with healthy, environmentally friendly, non-meat alternatives.  The reason to go meatless? To improve the overall health of the American diet and the health of our planet. The reason it’s Monday? Studies show that we are more likely to maintain behaviors that begin on Monday throughout the week. Mondays begin our season of structure unlike the “freedom” emphasis of weekends where we are less likely to be adhering to a routine. I’m sure the alliteration has something to do with it too. “Meatless Monday” is easy to remember like our “Weigh In Wednesday”.

    As someone who is becoming increasingly weight and health conscious, it is relevant to me that research suggests that I may be able to reduce the risks of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity by lowering my red meat consumption. I have already begun eating a diet lower in red meat as we have added other healthy alternatives. We eat more Omega 3 rich fish, more high fiber grains, and more vitamin and nutrient rich vegetables. By default, there has been less room for red meat. This reinforces for me that our choices are the right ones.

     I am neither vegetarian nor activist-enviromentalist, but I am a Christian who wants to show respect for the amazing resources our God has given. I believe in reducing my overuse or mis-use of any and all resources. If eating less meat or processed foods can help us do that, it’s something to give thought to.

California Veggie Burger

     You might start with one of our favorite meatless lunches – a delicious Amy’s California Burger on Nature’s Own Multigrain Sandwich Rounds. The Amy’s burger patty is made with organic vegetables and grains. I love the California variety because its primary flavors are mushroom and onion. It is the Johnson family’s favorite veggie burger.  It’s also one of the foods from Dr. Oz’s Shopping List For Dieter’s .Nature’s Own yummy little sandwich rounds are thin and round and perfect for a healthier, lighter burger. They contain no artificial colors or flavors and no high fructose corn syrup and no trans fats or saturated fats. Even with the slice of Kraft reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese my hubby likes to add the entire burger is under 300 calories. We pair it with a low-calorie soup or salad for a healthy and delicious lunch.

     If you are looking for more information about Meatless Monday such as delicious vegetarian recipe options check out the Meatless Monday website.


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  1. Russell
    May 16, 2012 @ 07:51:44

    I’m trying to get a recipe from my cousin for her “Nut Burger”… it’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. It’s a family recipe, though… I think there’s a 6 foot wide concrete wall around the recipe, so it might take a while. Sandwich thins and bagel thins are the best creations this century, by the way LOL


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