Weigh In Wednesday – Impacting Others

     Happy Weigh-In Wednesday! With the incredibly busy week I had last week I only got in about half of my goal exercise and the scales show it. I did 6 of 10 miles needed, 2 toning sessions, 20 minutes of hula hoop, and 20 minutes of Pilates. It takes all my goal exercise to lose my pound desired each week, so I have no great new numbers to report. I am, however, looking forward to next week’s weigh-in where I expect to have exciting progress!

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     This takes me back to the previous recommendation of our resident trainer DeAnna Weiss. She suggested if you were fighting a plateau, up your exercise level enough to burn an extra 250 calories a day and lower your calories intake by 250 calories a day. In a weeks time that’s the 3500 calories needed to be a pound of weight loss. At the time, I fought against lowering my calories still more, opting to up the exercise only. This new lack of time has made me re-consider. Next weeks Stepping Stones will most likely have a new calories goal.

     On this Weigh-In Wednesday as I help you celebrate pounds lost this week, this month, or this year I want to take a moment to look at how the small changes in your life can cause a ripple effect that will change the lives of others. The “weight” of your decision to change your life just might be far greater than you think.

     Let me start by pointing out that you are giving a gift to your family when you lose weight. You are increasing your energy so there is more of you to go around. You are lowering your risk of a number of health issues so you can save them worry and heart-ache that they would feel from seeing you unhealthy. You are also saving them money and effort in the long run by avoiding the medical expenses and processes that would surely result from a prolonged unhealthy lifestyle.

     The healthier choices you make to eat foods that are more nutritious and move more will help your families (and if you include them, even your friends) live longer and healthier lives, too. By setting a positive example you influence the decisions of those you love. Instill good habits in your children and you will likely make a positive impact on the lives of your grandchildren and still yet other generations to come.

     For some people this realm of influence is so large that hundreds or even thousands of people’s lives may be changed. If you’ve never read the blog “Undressed Skeleton” I encourage you to give it a visit.  Here, an extraordinary teenager named Tara Lynn McNitt shares how she fought the battle against obesity and won. Since living a healthier lifestyle is an ongoing process for Tara she also regularly shares information about her current choices and recent discoveries. It’s a fascinating and inspirational site that draws hundreds of people. In addition, those whose lives she touches will touch others. I am so grateful hat Tara has chosen to share.

     With these things in mind I encourage you to change YOUR world.  Embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle and pass it on!


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