Motivation To Move Collage

     Pull out the magazine(s) you bought last weekend and any others you have lying around, its arts and crafts time again! I love getting creative! Don’t you?

     As we get ready to enter week 21 of 2012, your motivation may not be what it was in week 1 or week 2 of  the new year. Often we start with big dreams, big energy, and lots of gusto but in time we can forget how excited we were about the changes. Weight loss is hard work. If you need to renew the excitement in order to keep going or get going again, this project is for you!

     Maybe you have already seen big changes but are about to enter a new phase of harder workouts, longer exercise sessions, and deeper focus. That’s where I am. I am excited about the pounds lost but as I lose more the body requires more from me in order to get big results. In week 21 I will be slashing calories still further and upping workout goals. I don’t burn the same number of calories in a session as I did when I was carrying an extra 75 pounds. The progress is still on track to reach my goal, but I would like to see more progress faster. I’m going to need some added motivation to keep me pumped. If you’re in this phase, like me, this project is for you, too!

     Above you will see a collage that I’ve begun. It has pictures and phrases that will help me feel excited about exercise. I suggest you start collecting pictures, too. Pictures of happy people enjoying exercises that are in your Stepping Stones will help encourage you to get happy about the upcoming sweat sessions.  Add some pics of people enjoying exercises you would like to try or would enjoy as active fun in your free time. These pictures can encourage you to try new things and to desire working out for fun! Add some motivational phrases and affirmations. I have collected most of the above affirmations from Pintrest where I keep ongoing lists. Even single words can be powerful. Consider things like GO, DO, RUN, WIN, SUPER, and SWEAT. Add pictures of bodies or body parts that represent what you wish to accomplish from your workout. Flat Abs, tight behind, and toned arms are all worth sweating for, in my opinion.  Maybe it’s a slender waist or well-defined calves that excite you.  There is no right or wrong. Whatever excites and inspires you should go in your collage. It is for you and you alone to keep you motivated to move. Have fun creating….and moving!


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