Run Away From The Pounds!

     Today as I was browsing Pintrest I ran across the video below that tells Ben’s story. Ben was 120 pounds over weight and miserably depressed, until he began to run. I want you to take a moment to watch Ben’s story and see if it doesn’t make you want to run, too!

Want a reason to run? Click on the picture above to watch the story of how Ben ran away from depression and excess weight. He lost 120 pounds and gained great happiness. You will be moved and inspired!

     I’ve never been a runner. I can speed walk with the best of them, and in fact can walk faster than I run. However, I want to run. When I hear runners talk about their accomplishments or hear about the “runner’s high” I get all curious, and even a little jealous! I love the feeling of a good workout! I love to work up a sweat. I love the feeling of adrenalin. Running burns more calories than walking too. It would be a better use of my limited time. So why don’t I run?

     There are several resons I haven’t. Fear of failure, an old ankle injury that keeps resurfacing, cramping in my calves, sock that bunch, blisters on my ankes, and fabric burns on my thighs come to mind. Sound like a wimp? The reasons always seem to be enough at the time. However, I’m feeling motivated to try again and see if I get any further than before.

     My best friend is a runner and when I read her blog post about her journey to 1/2 marathon or listen to her talk about training it excites me, even though she doesn’t glamourize it. There is pain involved. She is currently recovering from a knee injury. I recently sat with her as she iced her aching legs and watched her grimace her way through. I know she braves both the heat and the cold to run outside where it’s “real”. I know it’s exhausting – but the senes of accomplishment and the pounds she has shreaded and kept off  keeps her going. What an accomplishment it would be to run a 5k with her one day! Maybe something fun and crazy like the The Color Run or The Zombie Apocolypse Run. That would be a memory maker!

     My sister-in-law runs, and loves the feeling. She runs 5 miles or more at a time and lives for the runs. I’ve watched her lose weight too and gain added energy and vitality.

     My Dad went from being a non-exerciser to being a 5k runner when I was a teen. I remember being amazed at how much weight he lost, how much endurance he gained, and how strong he had become. Runners just seems so tough! You don’t become a runner by accident, it takes determination and builds strenth. I want to be tough, I want to be strong.

     I know first hand that taking up a physical hobby and becoming passionate about it can lead to all kind of positive health advantages, including weight loss. My Zumba classes were proof of that. Maybe running should become my new hobby and passion. Wanna run with me?

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