Weigh In Wednesday – Keeping The Faith

         Though my stomach continues to get flatter and my thighs leaner there is still no “weight loss” to report, but I am not going to give up or in! Instead I’m going to give it more of my “all”. One of the most valuable weight loss tips I’ve ever heard was from Dr. Phil McGraw.  I use to put all of my emphasis on the number on the scale, which is sometimes beyond my control. Then I heard him point out that for success our attention should be on our efforts which we are absolutely in control of. My goal is a numbers goal, to weigh 135 pounds but I will reach it by pushing my body to do more. So when the numbers are stubborn I will be more stubborn and I will feel successful for what I put into it wheater I get out of it exactly what I expected or not. I will keep pushing until the goal is reached.

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     Yesterday I ran! I have tried to run several times along this journey with little success but yesterday with great advice and lots of encouragement I jogged an entire mile without stopping. It has been at least 20 years since I’ve done that. It was a slow 3.2 mph pace but I did it! I was so excited that I shared the news. My Bestie, who has been beyond supportive, suggested that I check out Hal Hidon’s 5k training schedule for the novice. The schedule suggests running 1.5 miles on the first Tuesday of training. I was so excited that I decided to begin my training immediately so I put in another 1.5 miles on my lunch break, this time at 3.5 mph. At the end of the day I was still excited and wondering if I could go faster so I did a final mile at 3.8 mph. My legs are sore this morning, but in a good way and I am encouraged that I can push the body to do more and lose more weight.

why i run


     So I will be persistent and next Wednesday I will show up again having eaten less, worked out more, and hoping the dedication pays off in lower numbers on the scale. I’ve lost 75 lbs, I know I can lose the additional 22. I will do this. Thanks for all of the support!

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you know you lookin' at a winnah, winnah, winnah...


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