Beans! Beans! Good For Weight Loss!

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     I was browsing around Dr Oz’s web site, as I so often do, and found some great news on beans. According to the information there adding more  beans to your diet may help you lose weight more quickly. Not only are beans and legumes high in protein (and thus very filling) helping to curb hunger, they are also high in “resistant starch“. Because of the way the digestive system processes resistant starches, only half of the calories from the food ingested are absorbed. In addition, beans naturally help reduce blood sugar which allows the body to work more efficiently, keeping metabolism up. Beans also contain the fatty acid butyrate which studies show improves mitochondrial function in your cells, leading to a decrease in fat.

     Looking for ways to add more beans to your diet? Try a healthy  burrito for lunch, vegetarian or turkey chili for dinner, a healthful bean dip for a snack, or even a black bean brownie for dessert.

Organic Medium Chili with Vegetables

Click the picture above for the recipe for Dr. Oz’s Black Bean Brownie Treat

Click here for the recipe for a yummy 17 calorie Black Bean dip with only 3 grams of carbs.


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