Sometimes You Need A Little Push

     I know that adding real weight work to my exercise routine will be very beneficial for weight loss, and I know that having more muscle mass will increase my metabolism. I also know with 75 pounds of weight loss there are loose areas of skin and under-toned muscle areas that the pre-programed exercise videos I’ve been using up to this point just aren’t taking care of. I have contemplated researching how to create a better fitness plan. I used to lift weights in high school, but even then had little knowledge and mostly did some bench presses and a few free weight moves with light weight. I read Pumping Iron and made notes, and thought that was enough back then. Admittedly, however, I haven’t felt confident that I really understand which exercises build which muscles and how. I have been afraid to quit the old routines and try something new for fear of losing the benefits I have gained. Today was the day to stop saying “I should” and say “I will”.

     My ever-so-supportive hubby has heard me make the threats to up my game. I have talked of joining a gym, of setting up a weight room in the basement with the free weights I own, and/or of working with a trainer, as my bestie Vicki suggested a while back, but talk is all I did. Each week I failed to move foward by any more than upping the tiny hand weights I use for toning with Jillian Michael’s video. I am dilligent in my exercise programs and I have consistently upped the cardio through my weight loss process but more is needed to see the result I want.

     Yesterday, my husband introduced me to a personal trainer named Zach who works at the local 24 hour gym near our home. After having researched local gyms and spoken with different trainers my precious hubby believed Zach was the one with right knowledge and attitude to help me move on to more. He asked me to go to the gym to meet him and decide for myself.  As I chatted with Zach I had no doubt that he was right.  My friend Vicki who has known personal trainers well in the past and is very knowledgable about working out said that I should be looking for someone who wanted to instill the kind of fitness knowledge in me that would put them out of a job ultimately. When Zach said that it was his philosophy that training should lead to me getting the information I needed to learn to create a better body and ultimately my own plans and routines (rather than simply keep putting money in his pocket) I was sold. He also assured me that he would be happy to answer questions and be of help even after our sessions were over. So with Tony’s insistance that the money involved was worth it, and Zach’s assurances that together we will get results, today a new adventure begins! At 5:20 a.m. this morning, dressed in the adorable new workout clothes my hubby bought me and armed with an ipod and theme song “Reborn”, I am on my way to my first session with my personal trainer at my new gym! I’ve never been so excited! Thank you so much Tony Darling for the little “push” and all of the reassurance.



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