Weigh In Wednesday – Just A Number


As I go into this weigh-in, at the beginning of my new adventure with weights, and the gym, and a personal trainer, there are so many NUMBERS!  There is body mass index (bmi), calorie counts, reps, my weight, the weight of weights, endless numbers, but the biggest number that keeps coming back to me is age – 40!

Before I attended my first session yesterday I asked my husband Tony if I was being unrealistic with the “goal” body I was wishing to develop. “After all I’m not 21 like the girl in the picture. I’m 40. Can I be that kind of built at 40 and after having weighed 230 pounds?” He assured me that I could. It might take longer but it is possible.

Then yesterday morning as I was perusing Facebook I came across a post referencing Ernestine Shepherd. Ernestine is pictured above at 75 years of age, 135 pounds. She holds the Guinness Book World Record for being the oldest performing female body builder. In addition to being a competitive body builder she is also a professional trainer and model and she did not begin training until she was in her late 50’s! At 56 years of age she was a sedentary, “well padded”, school secretary. These days she is up at 4 a.m. to get in her 10 mile run. Her website says, and I quote “Feeling better than she  did at 40, Bodybuilding champion Ernestine Shepherd shows us that being out of shape as we age truly is merely an option — NOT a mandate! She is a role model not just for senior women everywhere, but for every one of us.” So at 40, it’s not too late for me. Need a little inspiration? Get to know Ernestine. Visit her website and read her bio and know now is YOUR time. Begin!


     As for my stats, this morning I weigh in at 154.6 pounds, down another .4 pounds from last week. Best body of my life, here I come!

Learn more about Ernestine Shepherd – http://ernestineshepherd.net/?page_id=2


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