Mom Was Right About Oatmeal

     From the time I was little I remember my Mama starting most of her mornings with a bowl of oatmeal with apple and peanut butter. She has always recommended that I do the same, but I didn’t think I liked oatmeal. It felt like food that had been pre-chewed. Uck!

      These days I have a bowl pretty much every day! I opt for whole oats instead of instant because I prefer the texture. I eat mine with cinnamon coated almonds and raisins most mornings for a little extra sweetness and crunch. The extra protein isn’t bad either. Oatmeal can also be worked into the diet in other ways like using it in baking. Not an oatmeal fan? Try different brands and types. Try using it a as coating for baked chicken or in a ground turkey meat loaf. Oatmeal is so healthy for you and helps keep you full and satisfied. I find it to be a great part of my weight loss plan. Need more reasons to eat oatmeal? Read on!


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