Fight Fear

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     Found a neat little article in Shape Magazine’s February 2011 issue. It’s short but has some great advice for folks starting anything new. Whether it’s the weight loss goals we’ve set, the new fitness adventures, or something totally unrelated like starting a new business or pulling up stakes and moving to a new place, fear can keep us from reaching our goals. Consider following the advice below to fight the fear and carry on. Life is a great adventure. You don’t want to miss out because you failed to move past the fear and into great new things!

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Show Fear The Door“.


     Every woman who achieves great things–whether it’s starting a company or moving to a foreign country–has had to step outside her comfort zone to do it. “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll never discover what you’re capable of,” says Gary Chartrand, executive chairman of the sales and marketing company Acosta and author of the new book, Unreasonable Leadership ($20; unreasonable Since taking risks is easier said than done, Chartrand shared the most important ways you can change your mindset.

EMBRACE THE UNKNOWN “Too often people stay in had situations because the misery they know feels safer than uncertainty. But remind yourself that it’s worth finding out what else is out there.”

BELIEVE IN YOU “Don’t think you need to accomplish huge tilings to feel good about yourself. Even if you haven’t done much, you still have special talents. Realize that and go out and fulfill your destiny.”

FACE FAILURE HEAD-ON “The worst that can happen is that you don’t succeed, but that’s actually not such a bad thing. I’ve learned so much more from my missteps than my wins. And no matter what the outcome, you’ll end up discovering something new about yourself.”

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