Exercising And Loving Every Minuite Of It

     I WAS that kid in grade school and I remember thinking, “I hate gym class. I can’t wait till I’m all grown up and no one can ever make me exercise again.” These days I’m up at 5:00 a.m. by my own chosing and headed to the gym to meet someone I pay to push me to exercise harder, faster, better. It’s funny isn’t it. My, how the times have changed.

     This morning I had session number 3 of 10 with personal trainer Zach Rowell. I enjoy each workout and always feel challenged. I love challenge! This morning there were some new things with walking lunges, push ups on ball, and multiple kinds of crunches just to name a few. My body doesn’t always want to respond to the movements as I tell it t,  but Zach is very patient and very good at demonstrating and helping me get it together. I really look forward to session #4.

     I left the gym this morning feeling energetic and alive and ready to take on the day. Who knew exercise could make you feel that way. Being healthy is just so much better than the alternative. I spent many years feeling no energy. Now I want all the health and wellness life has to offer.

     I encourag you to find ways to love getting fit. If you don’t have an active hobby yet try different things until something “clicks”. Swimming, Zumba, running, hiking, biking, hula hoop, weight training, pilates….There are so many great ways to move. It might be hard at first but in time you will begin to love the burn, the sweat, and the accomplishment.


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