Weigh-In Wednesday – Weighing The Reasons

     Weight is up by 0.8 and I don’t love that. I have worked very hard, sweated lots, eaten carefully, and all around been a good girl.  I remember my bestie Vicki Jansen saying her weight actually increased as she began seriously running. In her blog “The Pondered Path”  she shares this, ” I remember showing a gain in weight after about 3 weeks and feeling frustrated.  Folks kept telling me it was muscle, but I sure didn’t feel better hearing that.  (I didn’t know at the time that my blood volume was actually increasing to accommodate the higher demand for oxygen that my body was requiring during my training).” This is the beginning of week 4 of running. Is this happening to my body?

     I’ve also begun weight training more seriously. This is my second week in the gym with the trainer and who knows what my body is doing with that from a body weight perspective. I was told there could be a rapid loss from the exertion but I also know that as I gain muscle weight often increases.

     This less than one pound could even be water weight. I would rather have losses but we take what comes and keep doing the right things knowing progress will come with effort. I have made peace with the fact that sometimes we have to back up to move forward. If I gain a little temporarily as I work toward greater strength and stamina its worth it. Having more muscle will up the metabolism and ultimately make it easier to lose weight. Also my composition will be more pleasing. Reminding myself this morning that it isn’t all about the scales. Hope you have a beautiful and successful Weigh-in Wednesday.

I don’t know who the girl is in this pic but I like the story it tells. I keep it handy as a reminder that the success is not always in the scales. I would much rather weigh a little more and be fit and firm than less and look soft and heavy. Better composition will pay off in the end.



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