DON’T Let Them Eat Cake

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     Three times in the year 2012 I have eaten birthday cake. All three times the following day I couldn’t get enough food and had immense carb cravings. Last week was so successful in so many ways. I was very good about eating low cal healthy meals all through the week and I exercised well over my personal goals, then the weekend hit and I faced some real challenges. Friday and Saturday I was off schedule and ate less organized meals. Saturday evening I attended both a wedding and a birthday party and of course there was cake. Inspite of my real awareness that eating sugar causes me to crave sugar, I didn’t have the will to say no, though there were healthier alternatives available. The piece I chose was small, but I paired it with a couple of cookies.

     Sunday was horrible. I woke up hungry wanting a greasy breakfast biscuit. I ate a protein bar on the run instead. I ate a healthy low cal but hearty lunch but continued to have cravings. I wanted onion rings but ate just one from my hubby’s plate. The cravings got worse. I wanted ice cream, and ate it. An hour or two later I was still hungry and craving. I tried some healthy veggies and protein but it didn’t suffice. I ate mini candy bars that I knew I shouldn’t but they brought me some minor relief. Eventually I gave in to my primary craving and ordered a Pizza, of which I ate about half. This was the closest thing to a binge I’ve experienced all year. At the next party, I think I need to forgo the cake.

     All in all I think I just have to say lesson learned and hit the rest of the week with great resolve to be extra healthy and active.

Eat less sugar

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