Can A Low Carb Diet Be High Fiber, Too?


     Previously we have discussed that a lower carb diet has been recommended to me by a couple of doctors. They suggest this for better health and weight loss. I have greatly reduced my intake of white sugar and white flour and though I don’t abide by a specific low carb approach I do try to limit myself to “healthy carbs” and in limited quantities. With the recent emphasis I have seen on higher fiber diets for weight loss and better health I began to ask myself the question, “Can I up my fiber intake as recommended by Bob Harper and others and still eat a diet that is relatively low in carbs?” I did a little research and found that, yes I can.

     Livestrong has an article that addresses this issue and points out that the veggies recommended for low carb living tend to be those naturally high in fiber. Other great sources of fiber like chia, and flax-seed are already part of my diet plan and are low carb friendly. Nuts are also great sources of fiber with few carbs. Bran can bring fiber to the table with little carb content, there is even an All Bran cereal with extra fiber that would make a great addition to my menu plans. If you are on a more structured low carb approach you might have to get a little creative with low carb veggie quantities and choices but it’s still possible, with a little planning,  to meet you daily fiber goals.  For suggestions of low carb high fiber foods to add to your menu visit the list at .


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