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Ways To Save Some Extra Calories From Tumbler

  • Fidget! fidgeting can burn up to 350 calories per day, just by being restless.  try it for yourself; move around while talking on the phone, tap your feet to music, etc.
  • Avoid eating too many nuts.  Although they have heart healthy fats, they are also high in calories (3 handfuls have 525 calories) if you really crave them, eat pistachios.  2 handfuls are just 159 calories, and shelling them will slow down your eating
  • Don’t eat in front of the TV, or you’ll end up overeating around 288 calories.  Instead eat around the table, and trade 1 hour of TV for a walk. 
  • Limit salad toppings! Cheese crumbles, caramelized nuts, bacon, avocado, dried fruit, croutons, and vinaigrettes can add lots of calories. Instead just have 1 topping, and use half the dressing
  • Eat on smaller plates, and you’ll end up eating 20-25% less while still feeling full because your plate will be full!
  • Skip on the whipped cream when eating dessert-coffee drinks (macchiatos, lattes, etc.) the drinks themselves contain about 600 calories for a large
  • Count your chips instead of eating from a bag.  Often you’ll end up eating twice the serving size on the nutrition label unknowingly
  • Avoid buffet-style meals at home; instead of letting people fill their own plates (and often going back for seconds), fill it for them before bringing it to the table
  • Eat less pasta! Especially at restaurants, which will often serve you 480% the recommended amount (about 1025 calories worth)
  • Eat with fewer people; studies have shown eating with 7 or more people can make you eat up to 96% more, that’s like doubling your dinner!
  • Don’t clean your plate; leave 25% left at every meal and save the rest as leftovers
  • Get mini versions of desserts if available (you can get them at Carabbas, Olive Garden, and P.F. Changs) so you can still get a sweet treat without all the calories
  • Avoid smoothies, they can often have up to 800 calories per 32 oz! Instead try oatmeal or fruit to start your day
  • Beware of the “healthy food trap”.  people often think because food is healthy at restaurants that they can indulge in twice as much, so they end up eating the same amount of calories than if they had gone to a not so healthy restaurant
  • Beware of hidden oils; ask to have your food cooked with stock instead of oil, or order food steamed/poached to avoid the oil it takes to pan fry it
  • Get enough sleep! a lack of sleep makes people snack more according to studies, aim for 6-7+ hours
  • Be a hardworking dinner host! Grocery shop for 1 hour, cook a fabulous meal in 2 hours, and then toast yourself for your awesome 640 calorie burn
  • Stop drinking soda, each 12 oz drink has 150-180 calories, not to mention all the extra sugars
  • For breakfast eat 2 boiled or poached eggs (you’ll feel fuller throughout the day), and before lunch eat 1 cup of low cal soup (you’ll eat about 134 calories less at lunch)
  • Ditch the buttered popcorn at the movies, a large has around 1000 calories! Instead consider your own air popped or butter-free microwave popcorn
  • Pay attention when you eat, listen to your body’s cues and put down your fork when you’re satisfied
  • Drink sugar-free: a 20 oz tea with fruit juices can have as much as 400 calories! Choose sugar-free and save more than 400 calories
  • Check the serving size when reading nutrition labels.  The entrée you’re cooking may say it has 350 per servings, but there are probably 4 servings in the entire thing!
  • Get a small when buying ice cream.  Even if you get your favorite full-fat flavor, you’ll still save as many as 550 calories if you just get 1 scoop rather than 3

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