Get Real!

     One day, in a moment of boredom, I took an online quiz entitled “Which Disney Princess Are you?” Little of it left an impression except for one question which asked “If a dragon attacked what would you do?” The answers ranged from a)hiding to b) cheering your valiant prince to c) fighting by his side. In that moment I asked myself  “What kind of woman are you really?”. I knew in my heart I wanted very much to be the partner warrior, not the damsel in distress.

     I woke up this morning, very tired because it has been a strange and demanding weekend. Tony announced that he was heading out to cut and remove debris left behind by the strong winds and rain. I was contemplating when to fit in my run when I realized the irony that I was planning to do “made up” work to burn calories while my hubby was doing real work necessary to recoup from the storm. What was I thinking?

     As much as I believe in my fitness goals and like to have a plan I have decided that this week might need a new look. We are surrounded by people in need from the storm. We are blessed to have the opportunity to have company staying with us because of the power outages, we are making freezer and fridge space to house what others would otherwise have lost, we need to clean up here at the house, perhaps at the church, and who knows who or what else might need our attention. With widespread damage and power outages there will be needs. I am going to try to restructure my time and attention to prepare to meet those. I will still try to live by my healthier new life principles, but there may be less time for organized exercise and meal planning because there are needs to be met and those should come first.

Photo: I have a tree down in my back yard and if you know of anyone who is willing to come cut this tree for firewood or any other use please call me  at: 540-357-0710 I live in the Town of Blacksburg.  I truly appreciate it!!!!!

     Many of these chores and duties will burn calories though. I will still keep my gym appointments and, if time and energy allow, will run when the other needs are met but the real needs should be priority. Looking for reasons to count your real work as exercise? Read “Yes Yard Work Burns Calories“. Don’t make excuses, but don’t fail to take care of real life when it presents itself and give yourself credit for hard work wherever it comes in.


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