Weigh In Wednesday – A Few Updates From An Eventful Day

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My weight is back down this week with no additional poundage lost. I am at 154 pounds. The body continues to change.  I have been amazed by the results I am getting with the help of my trainer Zach. My abs are becoming stronger and more defined, my arms and legs have muscles in places I don’t remember ever seeing them before and my behind is much firmer. Each week I find my slacks a little looser.

I felt like a real he-woman in the gym yesterday. I am pressing 200 pounds on the leg press and did a neat new exercise on the dip rack where I hold myself up in the air, my entire body weight on my arms and then pull my legs up  like the picture above from Body Rock TV. It felt like a Rocky move, but I prove myself the novice  knowing no name for the exercise. We did many more things including moves using a stability ball. It’s a new adventure each session. Much of what I do, anything that requires balance, is still a bit awkward. For instance on the dip rack my body wanted to sway back in forth like one of those toys where the birdy looks like it’s drinking water as it swings like a pendulum. My trainer assures me that this is normal to have awkwardness since my body is having to learn new things and that it will quickly learn.

I also ran outside yesterday. I have jogged to the gym a couple of times, but with my husband Tony’s encouragement and support I took on my three miles of cardio in the out-of-doors. Let me tell you, it was a whole new game. Outside felt very different with both flat surfaces and hills to climb. Of course, as I stated previously, being in public is more intimidating as well. I knew it would me more difficult than on the treadmill because it’s all me, no belt doing part of the work. I also knew that I would be completely lost from a pacing perspective. I couldn’t tell whether I was going 3 miles per hour or 5 miles per hour (I did some of both I later learned). There was also a whole lot of walking. My husband said he could tell from listening to me talk that it was not the physical that stopped me, it was the mental block. He also told me that I was running harder and faster than I do inside on the treadmill. I sweated a lot, panted a lot, and we did complete the entire three miles in 46 minutes. Tony helped keep me reminded to heel strike. He taught me to keep my head up and chest out. He instructed me to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. These new pieces of info were very helpful as were the reminders. I told him it was almost like the difference in playing WII Tennis and being on the court trying to play a real game. The treadmill is work but it isn’t the same kind of work. I feel like I’m starting all over, and in some ways I am. I keep myself encouraged that the work being harder will make me tougher. Most improtantly, because of Tony’s nudge, I have conquered my fear of starting and will now be running outside trying to reach the point where I can do the entire trek without walking part of it.

chin up~

I’ve been having protein cravings all week and my husband assures me with the muscle-building that my body probably needs more than it was getting before. I’m still taking in plenty of lower fat dairy and including lean meats and fish in my dinner plans but I am also snacking on more pouched Starkist Tuna these days and yesterday I bought some Atkins and South Beach snack bars. Both bar choices are low carb friendly, high in protein, and high in dietary fiber. Since I am working hard to put more fiber in my diet that is a great plus.

Next week I hope to have poundage losses to report but I must say I am very happy with the progress so far. I am still exactly on track to reach my year’s goals according to the Weight Tracker tool. I hope you are on track and moving forward too!

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