Hurt Feelings

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     I must be doing something right this week. I showed Tony the picture above and we both laughed remembering how “hurt” I was by the first outdoor run. I kept making comments like “I don’t like this” and “Next time we chose a route with no hills.” We both knew I was complaining because I didn’t like the limitations that the new adventure was proving I had. We also both knew that the limitations weren’t new, it was only my knowledge of them that had changed. He assured me I could go back to running on my treadmill in the air conditioning in front of the t.v. and it was tempting.  “You don’t get to be one of Charlie’s Angels that way.” I retorted and smiled through my sweat and near tears. I don’t want to play strong, I want to BE strong! So yesterday I tackled the trek again, hills and all. It still wasn’t pretty but the only way I am going to beat this is to fight it. On the bright side, the harder the struggle, the more calories I will burn.

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So True!


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