Out Smarting The Urge To Binge

All day yesterday I wanted to just binge! I wanted to eat something yummy and eat as much as I wanted, no limits. While I was wrapping up things at work I was looking at yummy Pizza delivery offers and calorie counts on my computer. The inner war was going on against the desire to throw off restriction and the need not to blow everything I had accomplished in exercise and calorie limitation through out the week. One side of me kept saying, “It’s the weekend and you haven’t had your Splurge meal. Treat yourself. Make it a good one.” The other side of me was saying, “It’s one thing to eat an item that isn’t the healthiest, it’s an entirely other thing to turn yourself upside down in it. 1000 calories is a 1/3 pound. Do you really want to lose that kind of ground? 1/2 a pizza is a dangerous thing.”

So I calmly began to ask myself what it was I really wanted. Was I really wanting pizza more than any other food? No. I realized that I would be just as happy with chinese food, mexican food, even a good burger. It wasn’t a pizza craving. I was craving soda, actually which I consider a “treat”. When I thought about eating these foods that all sounded good to me, I envisioned myself drinking an ice cold cola. The foods that sounded appealing to me were things that I enjoyed soda with so maybe the soda was the real “treat” I was after. Could I enjoy something else with the soda and be just as happy? Yes. I decided I could. What did I need to gain from this eating experience? I realized that the desire to eat unlimited amounts was the second piece to this. I was feeling restricted and I needed to reassure myself that I could eat until content. What food would allow me to do this without wrecking my health and fitness goals? Popcorn! It isn’t low carb, but it isn’t white flour either. It is low in calories and I love it. Air popped is a bit bland and popcorn at the movies is full of extra calories but microwave popcorn is about 90 calories per bag, is very yummy, and would be a “splurge” I could easily recover from. So my decision was to be a little naughty with the excess sodium and saturated fat of popcorn and the soda (Pepsi One with Splenda in order to avoid the adverse effects of sugar or Nutra Sweet). I ate two bags of popcorn (180 calories) and a couple of glasses of Pepsi One ( 2 calories) and felt like I ate forever. I was very satisfied and was still calorie safe. Yay Me!!!

Just like a symphony orchestra playing in tune.


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