Weigh In Wednesday – We All Start Somewhere

Jillian Anderson before and after weight loss photo

One of the most well-known fitness trainers in America, Jillian Michael’s was herself once obese. As a teen she was mercilessly  picked on for being over weight. After her parent’s divorce when she was twelve years old she battled depression and eventually weighed 175 pounds. Then Jillian discovered Karate which she credits with beginning her love of physical fitness and saving her life.  To this day super fit Jillian doesn’t attend class reunions or other events where she might encounter those who bullied her, still haunted by the way they made her feel. She said her passion for helping others overcome is their weight problems is born out of the pain of her own experience.

Wherever you find yourself today, know that you CAN make a change. Those of us who have a successful weight loss story began with a sad story of being out of shape and overweight. We all start from somewhere, somewhere not unlike where you may find yourself today.

I have no additional poundage loss on the scale to report this week. My weight still sits at exactly 154.6. I am now wishing I had set my goal as a size rather than a weight. I have to admit, I thought I would be a size 8 around the same time I reached 135 pounds.  The smallest size I’ve ever worn was a 5/6 and that was in high school at 113 pounds. I am very close to reaching my size eight but still almost 20 pounds away from 135. Either way, I shall reach both goals by year’s end. Hope you have a great weigh-in Wednesday and reach all of your goals. Strive toward them one day, one calorie, one pound at a time.


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