What Does Your Body Want?

My weight is going down again. I know it isn’t Weigh In Wednesday but when I weighed this morning my weight was 152.4 pounds and I had to share. That’s 2.2 pounds lighter. What did I change from before? Very little except that I am trying to be more in tune with what my body wants to eat. I am sticking closely to my to calorie restriction. I am still eating a balanced diet and trying to limit empty carbs and get plenty of fiber. However, I am eating what my body craves. I still snack a lot and pay close attention to portion size  but am less bound to “food plans”. I was already eating every two hours but now instead of a set menu for snacks and meals each time I go to get food I ask myself what I feel hungry for and try to accommodate. I really try to listen to my body’s signals and eat based on what it tells me it wants. Frequently I hear it asking for healthy carb/protein combinations and I happily oblige. However, sometimes it’s a bag of popcorn or a Fiber One bar. Are you looking for new snack ideas to keep you full while you watch your calorie intake? Below is a list of suggestions I ran across on Pinterest. Below that I have included a list suggestions of what your cravings might be trying to tell you.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image


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