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     Everytime I announce that I’ve met a new 10 pound mark ( lost 50 pounds, lost 60 pounds, lost 70 pounds, lost 80 pounds) there are new readers who join the facebook group and bein following the blog. I am always excited that I might be able to encourage others to have new energy and vitality, however the big thing I want everyone to know and remember is this is a process and it takes time and dedication. Many people ask me how I am losing the weight and I know some of them are desprately hoping that I will say “I just take this pill” or “I just eat this thing”. The truth is I have worked hard to get here, but it is hard work that everyone is capable of putting in.

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     Long term readers of the blog know that there are some tips and trick to make the process easier and more successful but the real key for me has been restricting calories, eating a balanced diet, and exercising. I will tell you with confidence if you eat fewer calories and move more you will lose weight. My current plan involves jogging, weight lifting, and a 1400 calorie a day goal. It also involves getting plenty of fiber, drinking lots of water, limiting white flour and white sugar intake, and taking vitamines B and D and raspberry ketone. This is a balance that seem to work well for me. However, I lost the first 40-50 pounds simply by eating fewer calories and walking. When I began there was no way I could have jogged for any distance. I had a hard time just walking the 3-4 miles at a moderate pace. The 1400 calories is much less than what I was able to eat and still lose weight even just 20 pounds ago. For many of you limiting your intake to 1800 or even 2000 calories a day might be plenty to begin to get results. The important thing is to just begin! If you are looking for information on how to start, go back to where the group began in January.  This Is Not Your Mama’s Weight Loss Plan was my first entry, start there and work your way forward. Learn how to use online tools to set the right calorie restriction and goal weight for you. Begin using the Weight Tracker to monitor progress, but expect progress to be irregular. Sometimes weeks go by without losses on the scale, but still the 80 pounds have come off. Be in it for the long haul. Begin today.

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