Once A Week Weight In Right For You?

When we started this year I took the advice I was seeing from so many experts and gave myself an official weigh in once a week, but I gotta tell you, I’m not loving that. For the purpose of  research I do weigh every day and track it on the weight tracker. I excitedly announced this weekend that I had reached 152 pounds, a loss of 80 pounds and down 2.2 pounds from my reported weight for the last several weeks. This morning when I weighed, after a rather sodium filled meal out last night my weight is 155.8, that’s 1.4 higher than my previous weight and 3.8 higher than my lowest weight of the week. If I was only weighing on Wednesdays I would think I had lost nothing, even gained, where the daily weigh-ins allow me to see all sorts of fluctuations and more of the time than not there is a loss somewhere in the week. I feel certain that after returning to my healthy eating plan, drinking plenty of water, and continuing my exercise tomorrow’s weight will be back down. However, it I only weighed on Wednesdays, I would hold little hope of this.

I understand why the experts recommend the once a week weigh in. Weighing more frequently can cause some people to become obsessed with the number and/or easily discouraged as they watch daily fluctuations but I gotta tell you, I prefer to see the trends and learn from what I’m seeing. I’ve learned that my lowest weight of the month often follows my menstrual cycle. I’ve learned that mid month and a few days before my cycle there will be unwelcome weight raises. I’ve learned that salty or sugary foods will give me a temporary bump up in weight. I’ve learned that my fiber intake and cleansing rituals can really affect the numbers. It is valuable to watch the numbers and the behaviors and how they coincide.

This said, I gotta tell you it would be more encouraging for me personally to have Report In Wednesday and be able to announce my lowest weight of the week. I bet it would be for you, too. Up until now I have refrained from doing so, even though often my lowest numbers are not what I see on the Wednesday morning scale. However, I am officially giving you and me permission to do so! If you weighed 185 on Tuesday and 187 on Wednesday, I want to celebrate the success of that lowest number with you. Why penalize yourself for picking the wrong day to have the sodium filled soup or because your body is reaching mid-cycle? Feel free to report the lowest weight you’ve seen since last Wednesday. We are already fighting a war (against fat), no need to make things any harder. Find the encouragement anywhere and everywhere you can. As long as the numbers are honest and you worked for them, who cares what day of the week you discovered them. Happy Report In Wednesday!


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