Win Free Starkist Tuna

     It’s no secret that Starkist tuna has been a favorite treat for me during my transition to a healthier lifestyle. After the first taste Starkist Tuna Salad replaced the other brand of pouched tuna salad I had in my ever so important snack basket. It tastes much more like homemade and has become a favorite treat for my entire household. Readers of the blog will remember my discussing Starkist Tuna as a great way to get more lean protein and Omega 3 in your diet in the blog entry Go Fish. The health benefits are fantastic.The lean protein is so important for building muscle. The right amount of Omega 3 can help reduce cholesterol, improve circulation, increase metabolism, and better your over all heart health.  In Hungry Girl In A Hurry I shared the famous blogger’s tips for using the handy Starkist pouches to create a quick and healthy lunch that won’t put on the pounds. In Staying Low On The Go I discussed the role these no refrigeration needed pouches played in my plans to eat healthy while traveling . At the Slimdown With Sandee sampling Event I served a yummy and simple to make snack that I call Fish and Chip Bites. These are made with just three ingredients and are a real crowd pleaser. Starkist Sweet and Spicy Tuna is the key ingredient and gives it just the right kick! These are just a few of the ways Starkist Tuna has helped me with my weight loss efforts.

     Our friends at Starkist have been kind enough to share some of their delicious pouches for me to give away to blog readers. I have six of their  convenient pouch products just waiting to be enjoyed. Would you like to try one for free? Just share with me how Starkist is or could be  a great part of your weight loss and health plans. Feel free to submit a recipe, a quick meal idea, or tip. I will work with my Slimdown With Sandee advisors and together we will pick the six best entries. You can submit your entry as a blog comment, a Facebook comment in the Slimdown With Sandee Support Group, or via e-mail at . Good Luck!


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