Push Through or Sit It Out


     With the old ankle injury acting up I’ve been left wondering at what point I  push through the pain and when it’s likely to cause greater injury. I don’t mind hard work or discomfort, but I don’t want to cause further damage or put myself in a position to be benched completely. I asked my trainer this morning for some advice and he cautioned me that if it hurts to take a step, it’s unquestionably time to alter the plan. Pushing through could cause injury to other areas as well as greater damage to the ankle and could even lead to stress fractures which would have the doctors telling me it was time to return to the couch. With this in mind I won’t jog this week. My trainer said opting for the stationary bike or elliptical might be a good alternative, and stressed that limiting ankle bending  would be preferable.  I may try some speed walking but will keep an eye on the pain levels. If you’re looking for guidelines on how to handle injury check out the about.com article When Should I Run Through Pain?

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