Banana Roll

I recently shared my frustration that I had caught myself buying “energy”, “protein”, or “health” bars feeling that I was doing something healthy only to realize I was eating glorified cookies or candy bars. These treats may have had some positive nutritional properties but they also contained a lot of over processed ingredients and refined sugar. With this in mind the recipe below caught my eye as a nice alternative. If you are looking for a healthy snack option that also takes care of your sweet tooth, give this puppy a try. Find this and other neat ideas at “Some The Wiser” a blog about living life deliberately.

Banana Roll


1 large, ripe banana
1 1/2 tablespoons peanut butter
1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
1 tablespoon ground flax
1 to 2 tablespoons Grape-Nuts cereal
honey or agave nectar


In a small bowl, combine pumpkin pie spice, flax, and cereal.  With a knife, completely cover banana with peanut butter.  Roll banana in the spice, flax, cereal mixture until it is completely coated.  Drizzle with honey or agave nectar.  Serve immediately or refrigerate.

McDonald’s Fruit And Walnut Snack Fits The Bill

     While traveling Tony and I decided we were hungry for a little something extra before our final stop. It has been about three hours since breakfast and would be that long before lunch so I wanted something that would tide me over well without being too heavy or calorie laden. He pulled into the driveway of a McDonald’s. I am familar with some of their healthy breakfast options haveing frequently enjoied their fruit and nut oatmeal or yogurt parfait. Today I was in the mood for something a little different and opted for the “Fruit and Walnut Snack”. It is the perfect size for snacking and with walnuts and yogurt to go along with the apples and grapes I got that little bit of proetin necessary to help me stay satisfied. It was simple but tasty and I was all set to go. I stayed satisfied until meal time and was very happy to have satisfied my hunger for under $2 and 210 calories.

Nutrition Facts – Fruit and Walnut Salad

Calories – 210

Total Fat – 8 grams 

Saturated Fat – 1.5 grams

Carbs – 31 grams

Cholesterol – 5 milligrams

Sodium – 60 milligrams

Dietary Fiber – 2 grams

Sugars – 25 grams

Protein – 4 grams









Skipping The Theater

I gave away $50 in movie theater passes this weekend. Why? Because movie theaters + me = poor decisions. My favorite part of going to the movies has always been bottomless tubs of butter-laden popcorn and soda. Add a box of sour patch kids and I think I’m in heaven. If  I’m looking to relax with a film I much more enjoy chilling on my couch next to my sweetie but the theaters have often lured me in with their promise of boredom busting salty/sweet limitless fun. We have had gift cards for AMC theaters for over a  year. Someone sweetly gifted us with them not knowing that there are no AMC’s in our area. I researched the closest location at the time and found that there were some in the Charlotte area. We will be passing though on our vacation and I had contemplated making this one of our vacation stops. Then as I thought it through I realized that I would much rather do something active than spend two hours in the dark feeding my face. Thus the movie cards were gifted to a family who will get great use out of them. Contemplating going to a movie? Check out the facts below before opting for a bottomless combo!

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Hack Your Fitness For A Higher Calorie Burn

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Stepping Stones Week 35

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     I NEED to sleep in, to have 1 piece of chocolate zuccotto cake from my favorite restaurant, to meditate, to luxuriate, to laugh with family and friends. I NEED a true vacation and FINALLY I have one. I have the first entire week of vacation I’ve had off in a year and I will be enjoying it. Since I was already struggling a bit with motivation I am going to use this week to regroup, reaffirm, and reevaluate. With looser limits and fewer demands I will have a time of much-needed de-stressing and refreshment. Coming out of one of the busiest and craziest weeks of 2012 this is much welcome. When I return for week 36 I will have a more firm plan and will have made greater commitment to it. Stepping Stones for week 35 are short and sweet but provide some structure and guidelines so I don’t go overboard. Wish me well. Blessings for week 35!

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Stepping Stones for Success – Week 35


Goal:  “To weigh 135 lbs by 12/31/2012. (That is a loss of approximately 40 lb in 1 year).

Action Steps: I will allow myself flexibility while still trying to make healthy choices for most meals. I will put in 10 miles of cardio exercise.  I will enjoy the week of relaxation and vacation so that I will return next week refreshed.”

To-Do List

1. Grocery shop (See Stocking The “New Me” Pantry.)

2. Pack travel snack basket. (See The Real Food Fight .)

3. Organize Outfits and Gear (See Get Your Rear In Gear.)

4. 10 miles of cardio

5. Evaluate steps needed to get back on track next week

6. Read and evaluate recommendations from readers on how to get my motivation back at high levels.

5. Create next Stepping Stones Sheet

Chances Of Having A Healthy Weekend

What It Takes To Burn Off The Cake

     I’ve previously shared the nightmare stories of “Birthday Cake Hangover” with you. Three times this year I have indulged in butter cream icing covered bakery cakes at celebrations and all three times I paid for it for days. Cake sends me into this cycle of cravings. I want food, lots of it, and especially sweet or carb laden treats. Today I am attending a wedding and a birthday party ( second time this summer I have had both in one day) and I am preparing myself to say “No!”. I discovered this nice little motivational piece from Fitbie and though I would share. Staying mindful of how much work it would take to burn off the calories alone might just get me there.


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