Stepping Stones Week 33

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      Week 32 was spent living a relaxed version of my healthier lifestyle. I was still in the gym 3 times this week and did get in 9 miles of cardio but did not blog, keep offical records, or report weigh in. I did, however, calculate daily calories on scraps of paper, try to stay true to my personal schedule, and focus on healthier living. My eating was not strict, but it also wasn’t entirely reckless. I did not jog (the ankle is still giving me trouble) but walked quite a bit. I have gone back to wearing an ankle brace for some exercises. I had my final session with my trainer last week and he has designed a four day per week gym plan that I will begin implementing in week 33.


Stepping Stones for Success – Week 33


Goal:  “To weigh 135 lbs by 12/31/2012. (That is a loss of approximately 40 lb in 1 year).

Action Steps: I will limit my calorie intake to 1400 calories a day, continuing to focus on good nutrition in my choices. I put in 20 miles of cardio exercise.  I will also do four 30 minute weight training sessions.  I will officially weigh in once this week, marking my progress on the Weight Tracker tool.”

To-Do List:

1. Plan Weekly Menu (See Plan To Eat Fabulous Foods.)

2. Grocery Shop (See Stocking The “New Me” Pantry.)

3. Refill Snack Basket (See The Real Food Fight .)

4. Weigh In (See Weigh In Wednesday.)

5. Organize Outfits and Gear (See Get Your Rear In Gear.)

6. 20 miles of cardio

7.  2 or more  Weight Training Sessions  (10 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism)

8. Give myself 3 “Get Out Of Diet Guilt Free Cards” or one Splurge Meal.

9. Enjoy a Rest Day. (See Balance.)

10. Grade Last Weeks Efforts (See A for Effort.)

11. Assess Past Week’s Efforts (See Assess for Success.)

12. Create next Stepping Stones Sheet

Date: ________

Daily Log

Morning Weight: ______           Evening Weight: ______

    Raspberry Ketone? ___   Vitamine B? ___ Vitamin D? ___

Gram of Fiber? ____

    Servings of Water: ____

Affirmations? Yes / No

Bedtime:  ——————               Wake Up Time:  ———————

Did You Eat Frequently (Approximately Every Two Hours Until After Dinner)? __________


Jogging –   Miles:  ____ Minutes: _____

  Weight Training? _______

Other Exercise? ________

Foods Eaten








Total Calories Consumed:_________     Total Calories Burned: __________


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