Move Away From The Pyramid


     Remember the grain heavy “Food Pyramid”? Even the USDA is no longer embracing this pattern for healthy eating. Welcome to a new look at nutrition with the “My Plate” pattern. Now the USDA’s recommendations are closer to what we were already seeing recommended by weight loss and fitness professionals. A balanced diet is so important for over all health. Weight loss is easier when the body is energized by enough exercise and proper nutrition. With half your plate filled with fruits and veggies you will not only have more vitamines and minerals in your meal but likely fewer calories, especially if you are eating them raw or cooked with a little olive oil and herbs or spices. Make sure most of the grains that remain in your diet are whole grain. When filling this quarter of your plate stay away from the over processed items. Avoid white rice and white bread. Lean protein should make up the final quarter of your plate. Protein helps you build strong muscles and those muscles help you keep a strong and healthy metabolism so you will burn more calories. They also make for better body composition. A serving of non-fat or low-fat dairy with your meal not only helps keep bones strong but according to studies helps the body more efficiently lose weight. The charts are recommending 3 servings for your overall health, studies suggest adding an additional serving is beneficial for weight loss.



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  1. Ron
    Aug 19, 2012 @ 21:59:41

    The basic 4 ‘food wheel’ was the unscientific tool implemented by the USDA way back in the 1950s. When you look at the vested interests of the USDA, it’s really about catering to farmers and agribusiness – not the consumer. Why should the Ag department really have any say at all? The transition from the food wheel to the pyramid was slow and arduous, because the pyramid makes meat and dairy look less important than vegetables. Which is also absolutely true. But they also have the largest lobbies…so of course, sadly, the pyramid was re-sliced and diced to misrepresent to the public what is in its best interest. My plate sounds like it was written by a dairy lobbyist, too.


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