“Stress Eating” Stratagies


Click on the pic above to get your recipe for a stress fighting Chicken and Asparagus Salad with Strawberry Dressing.

     For many of us who are fighting  the weight battle, stress and eating have often gone hand in hand. I work hard not to use food as a distraction from stress but eating the right foods in the proper portion sizes just might be a good prescription for stress reduction. Since I already eat frequently, about every two hours throughout the day, there are plenty of ways I can work “stress fighting foods” into my menu. If I fight stress with the natural properties of these food options, I might just find myself less tempted to seek out high calorie comfort foods later. Willing to enjoy delicious dishes made with  berries, walnuts, oranges, oysters, asparagus, and/or avocado? Find out how these 6 delicious diet choices may help you reduce stress while filling your tummy and meeting your nutritional requirements. Read 6 Calming Foods to Zap Stress to find out just how each of these natural treats may help.


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