Skipping The Theater

I gave away $50 in movie theater passes this weekend. Why? Because movie theaters + me = poor decisions. My favorite part of going to the movies has always been bottomless tubs of butter-laden popcorn and soda. Add a box of sour patch kids and I think I’m in heaven. If  I’m looking to relax with a film I much more enjoy chilling on my couch next to my sweetie but the theaters have often lured me in with their promise of boredom busting salty/sweet limitless fun. We have had gift cards for AMC theaters for over a  year. Someone sweetly gifted us with them not knowing that there are no AMC’s in our area. I researched the closest location at the time and found that there were some in the Charlotte area. We will be passing though on our vacation and I had contemplated making this one of our vacation stops. Then as I thought it through I realized that I would much rather do something active than spend two hours in the dark feeding my face. Thus the movie cards were gifted to a family who will get great use out of them. Contemplating going to a movie? Check out the facts below before opting for a bottomless combo!

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