Weigh In Wednesday – Weighing The Consequences

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I am weighing in today at 157.8 pounds almost exactly 10 pounds over what the weight tracker tells me I need to weigh to meet my year-end goal. This is almost 6 pounds over my previous low. This weight came following a “vacation” from the exercise and dieting. I won’t cry foul. This isn’t some terrible trick of my metabolism. This isn’t a plateau. This isn’t water weight. This is the result of not doing what I know will get results.

I will tell you what else this isn’t. This isn’t the end of the road. This isn’t a sign of failure. This isn’t a reason to turn back. This isn’t unusual for someone battling weight. This is a moment of truth, however. This is  a time to re-evaluate and see where I got off track and why. This is the time to get more serious and that seriousness has begun.

My husband sat down with me and helped me evaluate when and how things got off track. It was very helpful to have two sets of thoughts and ideas. We agreed that certain “rules” had slipped. We had taken up evening snacking in front of the tv even though I had started with a no food after dinner rule. We had let the calorie counts for snacks in our snack basket slip from around 100 to closer to 200. We had started to excuse more “treats” like a cone of ice cream or cheese spread with crackers. Perhaps I allowed my self to be swayed by the kind comments of others “You’re doing great”, “You aren’t going to lose anymore weight are you? You’ll get too thin.” Clearly I needed to believe again that obeying the rules I had put in place was necessary to achieve my goal.

My husband Tony asked what he could do to help and I got honest and “real” with him. I told him that I thought it was unfair to ask him to adjust his habits or behaviors around mine but he assured he wanted to help in the most real ways. I requested that he no longer invite me to go get “treats” with him or to snack in front of the tv together. He wisely suggested the addition of a rule that we eat only when sitting at the dining table.  I asked that he not eat tempting things in front of me. I told him exercise would be more fun if we did it together. It’s easier to get up and go when the house seems alive than when you are slipping out in the dark alone. I asked him to hold me accountable and told him that the new rules needed to include no “desserts” or “junk food”, absolutely 0, until I was back on target weight on the weight tracker and he agreed. In addition, my hubby went with me to my gym yesterday and started his own gym membership. It is easier for me to maintain my routine when someone else is doing it with me. We were up before 5 am this morning and in the gym by 5:30 working out “together but separate”.

I am so grateful for my wellness buddy! Thank you Tony for going that extra mile!


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