Enjoy Fall Without Falling Into Temptation

          I posted the above pic to my Facebook timeline this morning. Autumn is my favorite time of year with crisp weather that makes me feel more energetic and bright brilliant colors that spark my creativity. Fall offers some tempting treats that I love, too but I am determined to stay on track so I have been thinking over ways to enjoy the things I love without losing ground.

    No, I haven’t forgotten my “no desserts until I am on target for goal weight” rule. My love of fall foods can serve as an incentive to really keep it in gear and get there fast. Also there are some good ways to plan so that I can enjoy the flavors I love without taking in high calories.

     Love pumpkin pie but don’t love the calorie counts? Try this lower calorie version from Taste of Home! Keep portion sizes in check and eat as a treat calculated into your daily menu plans.

Click on the picture above for a delicious Low Calorie Pumpkin Pie Recipe from Taste of Home – 124 calories

     Calories can add up quickly if you are sipping the wrong beverage and some fall favorites are absolutely loaded with sugar and even fat. Visit Shape magazine’s website and check out their article entitled The Best Low Calorie Hot Drinks for Cold Weather for tips on how to enjoy lighter versions of your fall favorites. Remember if you opt for an artificial sweetener pick one that won’t reek havoc on your blood sugar. I opt for Splenda when I do chose an artificial sweeter.

      As for the candy corn, I say “live a little”. 10 pieces is 75 calories and if you have the calories to spare one 10 piece serving this season won’t break you. Try buying a treat sized bag like you might get in a card or gift store. These are smaller almost sample sizes and it will keep you from being tempted to over eat. Another option in to buy from a bulk candy store like you see in many malls or shopping centers. These allow you to buy by weight and you can purchase only what you will use. If these options aren’t available you can buy the Brach’s big bag of individual trick-or-treat sized bags and enjoy just one hiding the others from yourself until time to hand them out at the door on Halloween.

Brach's Halloween Candy Corn Treat Packets: 70-Piece Bag

      Thinking ahead and anticipating the temptations are such an important part of a successful weight loss plan. I always perform better in my efforts when I take the time and energy to journal and make actual menus. Thanks to the friends who call me out and keep me on track as I admit my weaknesses. I love that this morning’s Facebook anticipation of fall led to questions about how I was going to stay on track. Hope my plans help you in yours!

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  1. Kari
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 15:47:39

    Fall is also my favorite time of the year. I can’t wait to see the trees change 🙂 I haven’t yet began to think about the treats but I was thinking of making some pumpkin soup. When the weather begins to get cooler I will give that a go!


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