Weigh In Wednesday – On A Roll

     I wish I could tell you I’ve hit some new low today, but the truth is I’m still playing catch up. I am down 3 pounds from where I was after the “vacation” but that means I still have a couple of pounds to go to get back to my low and still a few more to be back on goal.

     I am back on track in many ways, however. I have been in the gym three times this week with my hubby and wellness buddy by my side. I have found that 5 a.m. is not the only time the gym isn’t crowded so if I miss a morning workout I can go in the afternoon when I get off from work and still not have to really compete for equipment. I could even hit the gym twice a day when I feeling particularly motivated.

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     Calorically I’m still doing well, also. We find that well structured menus with a variety of foods work well. Even if we do decide to make a “swap” we have a calorie goal to work within. For instance if I don’t want a cheese stick and V8 for 110 calories I could enjoy a yogurt with fruit instead for about the same count. Having calories available for each food on the menu, not just a daily total is very helpful.

     I hope you liked what you saw on the scales this morning. If you didn’t tomorrows another day and will likely be a different number. If you are putting in the work, keep at it and results will come. If you aren’t, what are you waiting for?

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