You Wouldn’t Pour Sugar In Your Gas Tank

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     A couple of times lately I’ve decided to stray from my usual healthy breakfast. First, on day one of vacation I found some Pizza Rolls in the freezer and said, “Why not?” Let me tell you, there were soooo many reasons why not. Sodium, preservatives, calories galore…..but I did it anyway much to my own discomfort. As the day proceeded, I found myself feeling very lethargic and asking myself why I had no energy.

     Then early in the week I decided to mix up the menu. I substituted my planned breakfast of CarbMaster Yogurt, Fruit, and Multigrain Waffles with a serving of frozen hashbrown casserole. It was available, looked yummy, and I could make it fit the calorie goals for the day. It seemed like a reasonable thing to do, but afterward I felt icky, fatigued, and bloated.

     I’m a slow learner sometimes but I finally caught on. When I fill my body with healthy nutrient rich foods I feel energetic and happy. When I put artificial foods with empty carbs and preservatives in my system it sludges my system up and makes me feel yucky. Why don’t I retain this? Why am I surprized after I eat something “junky” that I feel bad? I wouldn’t put bad fuel or foreign substances in my vehicle and expect it to run well. The same should be true with my body. Each morning I need to be intentional and think about how good (or bad) breakfast can make me feel. perhaps my wake up prayer each morning needs to include thanks for the day and the food I am about to receive along with a request for mindfulness to make the choices that will benefit me.

     Time to fuel up! I’m thinking fresh, light, and healthy foods will make me feel fresh, light and healthy! Are you looking for foods that make you feel great but can be prepared in a hurry? Check out the Women’s Health Magazine Article “Your Groceries Are About To Get A Whole Lot Healthier” for their list of the healthiest pre packaged foods to chose for your wellness and convenience.


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