From The Beginning


As I begin day one of 2013 in both the “Slim Down Together” and “Through the Bible In A Year” groups, I can’t help but be fascinated that food and eating is mentioned before we finish the first chapter of the first book of the Bible. How different would our lives and our bodies be if we had remained in the pure garden, had eaten a vegetarian diet as was God’s original design (Genesis 1:29)? How energetic and healthy would we be?

In Genesis Chapter 3 we see that man’s problem with food temptation is as old as time itself . The first sin involved food, the first thing that drew mankind’s devotion way from God was misusing food. We see the pattern for the same kind of temptations that we struggle with even daily as Eve allows herself to look deeply at the tempting yet forbidden. Her eyes linger, her mind contemplates, then she partakes, and shares what she knows should be left alone. How often do we still look for food when we should be looking to God? We eat for comfort, buy products that promise to help us have strength or energy or focus. We eat to entertain ourselves, to widen our experience, to celebrate and to mourn.

2013 is a good time to evaluate whether or not food (or anything else) is being used to meet needs and desires that God himself is meant to fill!

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