I was recently teaching a kid’s group at church and asked one of my fifth grade students to say a prayer over our snack. Head bowed and eyes closed he began, “Thank you Lord for this food and….” He paused, I opened my eyes to find him opening his. He shrugged, and said…”well?” I got what he wasn’t saying. He could not in good conscience ask God to use marshmallows and cookies to “nourish his body”.

This made me think. Am I being hypocritical when I say grace over my meals? Am I really eating the foods that God would wish for me to be given energy, vitality, and health. I have begun as I go to plan a meal, grab a snack, shop for grocery, or order in a restaurant to pray first and with real “attention” and “intention”.  “Lord help me to choose to fill my body with foods that you created for its health and well-being. Foods that will allow me to function well, think well, and serve you well.

When I begin this way I feel more accountable and more appreciative of the real purpose of eating. I still pick things I enjoy but I gravitate toward fruits, vegetables, unprocessed lean meats, and water very frequently. These foods will do my body good and were created for my well-being and my pleasure. What an awesome God to use a small child to help me better understand his will for my body, and my need to be intentional in taking even better care of it.


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