Eat The Same Thing Every Day To Keep Your Health Goals


One of my fit friends has a habit of eating pretty much the same thing for every meal each day. I began to  think maybe the fitness and the routine were related. As I looked around online I saw several different health and weight loss articles supporting this theory and some good reasons why it works.

Many of us have trouble meeting our goals or maintaining weight loss because the planning and prep can become pretty complicated and time consuming depending on the plans you follow. Eating the same thing makes it easy to track nutrition and thus know our goals are being met. Planing once instead of re-planning every day also saves time and energy. If you chose three healthy and balanced meal choices and stick to them the complication factor goes out the window and the time involved in shopping, planning, and prep goes way down because you soon know exactly what you need and how much of it. You might even find that you save money by not over buying or buying lots of “extras”. In addition Those who eat the same thing every day become accustomed to the flavors and amounts and scientific studies show they are less willing to over indulge.

Those who have long term success in meeting their health goals or maintaining weight loss often live by this basic principle. They may not literally eat the same meals every day but they at least have a “pattern” of sameness”. For instance a breakfast of fruit and protein – an apple and peanut butter, one serving of grapes and a cheese stick, strawberries and yogurt. Try eating the same food every day for breakfast to start with. If you get bored you can always vary it like the choices above sticking to a limited number of options. When you are feeling comfortable add a lunch option that you think you could enjoy every day and that packs nutrition. Maybe a vegetable filled salad or soup would be a good choice. Then consider making every night’s dinner 8 oz of lean meat or fish (grilled or baked not fried) and a baked potato and steamed green veggie. Here’s to keeping it simple!

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