Sandra’s Journey to 5K

A huge thank to my inspirational Bestie for all of her encouragement and for writing this sweet and supportive blog entry! Throughout the last several years she had encouraged me to find something physical that I loved and would challenge me so I might find an exercise routine easier to maintain. Running sure looked good on her, so she convinced me to try it. I was once 232 lbs and have found ways to maintain a 50 lb weight loss for several years but I have struggled to stay below a size 14. Through running I am now maintaining a size 12 and loving facing new challenges.


It’s not my story to tell, certainly not the whole story any way.  But I can share my experience… watching my first friend from childhood (we’ve been friends for nearly 40 years) set off on the journey to a fitter, healthier lifestyle.  She thanks me frequently… but it has been her hard work, focus, refocus, dedication and sweat that got her across the finish line of her first 5K.  All I did was cheer.

i tri man

Sandra would say that she was never an athletic person and probably confirm that physical activity was miserable.  It wasn’t something she enjoyed or gravitated toward.  In fact I believe that exercise was quite painful for Sandra – especially in the years that followed high school into our working life.

Somewhere in her late 30’s, Sandra began a journey of fitness and healthy living that has been truly motivation beyond belief.  You can read about her…

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