Multitask Your Workout

ScreenHunter_337 Mar. 10 19.59

Above is one of the most impressive multitaskers on Instagram. Check out more of Amanda Bruce’s photos – @weirdomandys



Like me, you might be having a hard time finding time for all you need to do? Dread exercise and need a good distraction to get you through? Love workouts but love time with loved ones too and don’t want to have to choose. Multitasking workouts might be for you!

Have errands to run? Try literally running downtown. Once you get there power walk from one chore to the next. Need to catch up on email or want to watch your favorite television show? Try doing either or both while on the treadmill. Have a desk job? Place a pedal machine under your desk or use the thigh-master while you work. Want to make the most of your time doing housework? In my teens read in a magazine that actress Loni Anderson did ab flexes while washing dishes. How about a housework race? See how fast you can do the chores and how many steps you can get in. Live near work? Try walking or riding your bike instead of taking the car. Bored stiff by planks? Try reading an e-book while you work your core. Fido need to stretch his legs? Of course taking him for a walk or a run would be a great idea. How about adding in a game of Frisbee? Want to spend quality time with the kids? Try going on a roller skating outing like my hubby and kids use to do or play a game of backyard football. Amanda Bruce has made an art out of exercising while playing with the kids as you see above. Want to catch up with friends? Go for a hike while you talk.

Want more good news? The benefits of multitasking your workout go beyond just your time savings and making exercise more bearable. According to an article on multitasking may boost your performance as well. “In a study from the University of Florida, adults who were asked to complete mental tasks while pedaling on stationary bikes were shown to move faster with no negative impact on their cognitive performance” – Michele Debczak, Mental Floss (follow Michelle on Twitter). No more excuses! Workout while you catch up on all those other great things you do!


ScreenHunter_338 Mar. 10 20.02

Amanda Bruce stretching while enjoying intimate time nursing her baby.

ScreenHunter_451 Oct. 27 11.45

Multitasking at it’s most acrobatic – the amazing Brittany Walsh playing with her cat while practicing. 


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