National Spaghetti Day Got You Down?


Just because I’m eating healthier doesn’t mean I need to miss out on enjoying  National Spaghetti Day! Would you believe me if I told you you could have delicious spaghetti AND meatballs WITH cheese for under 300 calories (pre cheese 270 calories and 7 WW points)!

Today I tried Lean Cuisine’s Spaghetti with Meatballs for the first time and found it to be quite yummy. For my personal taste I did add just a bit of garlic powder, pepper, and 1 tablespoon of Parmesan cheese which brought it in around 282 calories. It filled me up and left me well satisfied. I gave it 4 starts but with the add-ins it’s easily a 5.  I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a quick and healthy option.

See nutritional info below.

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New Blog For The New Year

ScreenHunter_06 Jan. 04 16.52

This year, though I continue to focus on a healthy lifestyle I am taking a “Whole Self” approach. I have started a new blog entitled “A Life Lived Intentionally“. My friend Kristen has commented that when we talk it’s like popping bubbles. There goes a thought…POP!  Here comes a though…POP! So that is how my blog is set up. Instead of a page of information, it’s random thoughts, lessons and experiences, one after another. There you will find my idea, discoveries, and explorations in the weight loss arena as well as much much more. Feel free to visit. It looks like a scrapbook upon first sight. Click on the pics. Most of them have captions, thoughts, or blog entries that they will link you to.

Walk The Walk – Firm Walk



Tried something new tonight. Leslie Sansone’s “Firm Walk” from the “Walk The Walk” series. This is a 35 minute firm and tone session for the entire body. Hand weights, a mat, and ankle weights or resistance bands are all you need. It’s set to Christian music and is a very uplifting but moderate workout.

Eat Your Veggies


     Genesis 9:3 “Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.” Interesting to note that apparently mankind was vegetarian until after the flood. It appears that God’s original plan and design was for a plant based diet. Makes me feel more certain I should be getting more raw nutritious veggies in my diet for optimal health.

New Favorite Snack

tao kae noi


My FAVORITE snack is the delicious and low calorie crispy seaweed snack Tao Kae Noi. It crunches like a potato chip, comes in an assortment of yummy flavors and is just  70 calories a serving. They are pretty addictive. I sometime snack on them two or three times a day. It can be purchased at Asian food markets, local health food stores and online in the Slim Down With Sandee Store.

From The Beginning


As I begin day one of 2013 in both the “Slim Down Together” and “Through the Bible In A Year” groups, I can’t help but be fascinated that food and eating is mentioned before we finish the first chapter of the first book of the Bible. How different would our lives and our bodies be if we had remained in the pure garden, had eaten a vegetarian diet as was God’s original design (Genesis 1:29)? How energetic and healthy would we be?

In Genesis Chapter 3 we see that man’s problem with food temptation is as old as time itself . The first sin involved food, the first thing that drew mankind’s devotion way from God was misusing food. We see the pattern for the same kind of temptations that we struggle with even daily as Eve allows herself to look deeply at the tempting yet forbidden. Her eyes linger, her mind contemplates, then she partakes, and shares what she knows should be left alone. How often do we still look for food when we should be looking to God? We eat for comfort, buy products that promise to help us have strength or energy or focus. We eat to entertain ourselves, to widen our experience, to celebrate and to mourn.

2013 is a good time to evaluate whether or not food (or anything else) is being used to meet needs and desires that God himself is meant to fill!

Progress is Success

Are you at least one pound lighter than you were on 12/31/2011? Have you become more active? Do you eat healthier meals? If you have made progress toward living a healthier lifestyle that is Success!!!


My goal for 2012 was to lose just over 40 pounds. I began 2012 at 177 pounds and wanted to weight 135 by years end. I did not meet that goal. However I have made progress. I lost 25  pounds this yea r (lowest weigh-in for the year was 152), regained 15 and have a solid 10 to count toward my progress. Over the course of the last several years I have lost around 65 pounds. Today I weigh in at 165. That’s a lot better than my original 232. It’s not the number I had set as a goal but it is progress.

Things I have learned this year – It takes almost as much effort to maintain 160 pounds as it did to lose when I was at 232. It is possible to do it. The science is the same, however, the amount of energy that needs to be expended, the amount of discipline that needs to be in place, the reduction in calories necessary, and the time involved are all extensive. Is it worth it? Absolutely!  Is it easy? No!

What got in my way? Mostly time limitations and stress. I did very well as the year began. I planned meals, worked out daily, and refrained from eating fattening foods for months. In time my job stress increased, my volunteer hours more than doubled, and I had challenges with family illness, injury, equipment issues, and frequent company and social obligations. With the increase in stress it became difficult to refrain from comforting myself with food. Being stressed and overworked as well resulted in fatigue. The gym became less frequent as did actual menu planning. The plan works, but I wasn’t able to work the plan as easily.

What stuck? Buying and eating healthier foods. My fridge is full of yogurt, salad, fresh fruit, lean meat, water, milk, etc. Eating frequently is a habit I still maintain. I am much in the habit of eating every couple of hours to keep my metabolism up.

What didn’t stick? Exercising in small bursts whenever there was time, refraining from sweets completely, and regularly organizing workout gear and making daily menus.

What food discoveries top the list? Tao Kae Noi seaweed is my all time favorite food find. It eats like potato chips, comes in lots of great flavors, is very satisfying, and is only 70 calories per serving. Food I hated – No calorie “Miracle Noodles” !  They have no flavor and it feels like eating plastic fish worms.

My best friend Vicki has been among my biggest cheerleaders and she keeps me reminded that this is a lifelong  journey.  Whether I lose the weight slowly or quickly this has to be for the long haul. The losses and the maintenance are all part of the process and all take work. She reassures me that it’s  “What you do most of the time that matters” ! She also warned me early on that the more I lose the harder it will be to lose because of the way the body works. And finally, she keeps me reminded that I can’t always be on 100 % mode. There will be seasons of higher and lower motivation, energy, and success.

I have decided to treat life like weight loss was in itself a competitive event. The first few months of the year are “training season”. I work really had, make ground and get my body ready . The middle of the year is” game season”  I will use the pretty weather to be frequently active, eat fresh and healthy foods, and enjoy life and health to the fullest. The end of the year is “off season” where I allow myself a little more leeway because time is tighter, temps are cooler and temptations are greater.

I  begin 2013 by changing the group name to “Slim Down Together”! This isn’t all about me! It’s for all of us! I dedicate this to all who struggled beside and supported me!

I set this years goal to lose 20 pounds and be a solid size 7 – 8. That’s half of last years goal and twice what I maintained in  loss this year but it’s only 10 pounds below what my ultimate goal was originally.  One of the main reasons I am shooting for this is because I realized last year I am much less worried about what I weigh on the scales than I am about composition. A fit 145 will look better than a less muscular 135. I will use the same principles that I used for losing the 65 pounds so far, but will be open to and anxious to learn!


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